Shelter WA's fact sheets provide useful information on a range of key topics and areas along the affordable housing continuum. 

Australian Bureau of Statistics – Housing and Homelessness


This page serves as a guide to information relating to housing and homelessness statistics from the ABS.  The ABS also has useful information on the following topics:

Australian Homelessness Clearinghouse

The Australian Homelessness Clearinghouse is a tool for the homeless sector to better communicate information about homelessness issues in Australia.  It is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services (DSS).

Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute

The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) is a national not-for-profit independent network organisation.  AHURI funds, conducts, tailors and disseminates high quality research on housing, homelessness and related urban issues, including research specific to Indigenous Australians.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

The AIHW provides information and statistics on Australia's health and welfare, including data from Specialist Homelessness Services.  The AIHW also manages the national data collections for various housing assistance programs, including public rental housing, community housing, state owned and managed Indigenous housing, Indigenous community housing, private rent assistance and home purchase assistance.

Australian Policy Online

Australian Policy Online is a research database and alert service providing free access to full text research reports and papers, statistics and other resources essential for public policy development and implementation in Australia and New Zealand.

Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre

The Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre is an independent economic and social research organisation located within the Curtin Business School at Curtin University.  Its core mission is to undertake high quality, objective research on the key economic and social issues of relevance to Western Australia.

Canadian Homeless Hub

The Canadian Homeless Hub is a web-based research library and information centre representing an innovative step forward in the use of technology to enhance knowledge mobilisation and networking.

Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning

The Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning (CHURP) is a research centre at the University of Adelaide.  It is comprised of a network of researchers, academics and other practitioners whose shared vision is to undertake high quality housing, urban, regional and planning research and disseminate their findings for the betterment of society.

Centre for Social Impact

The Centre for Social Impact is a collaboration of the University of New South Wales, University of Melbourne, Swinburne University of Technology and University of Western Australia (UWA).  The Centre for Social Impact located at the UWA Business School is committed to educating the leaders of today and tomorrow in not-for-profit organisations, government and business and its dedicated research program on social investment, social innovation and social leadership and social impact measurement aims to assist those working across all sectors of society to achieve beneficial social change.

Centre for Research in Applied Economics

Located in the School of Economics and Finance at Curtin University, the Centre for Research in Applied Economics (CRAE) supports research into economic and social phenomena that impact on lives in Western Australia, the nation and throughout the world. CRAE’s researchers use a variety of theoretical frameworks and methodologies to inform and evaluate their contributions to the development of both business strategies and public policies on economic and social issues.

City Futures

City Future’s research includes urban planning, housing, design, development and social policy.  It aims to advance the understanding of Australia’s cities, their people, the policies that manage their growth, and their impacts on our environment and economy.

COAG Housing and Homelessness

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) site on housing and homelessness provides information on agreements, Productivity Commission and links to the Report on Government Services.  COAG identified housing affordability as a pressing issue for Australians and recognised the importance of improving affordability and access to safe and sustainable housing, including in Indigenous communities.

Department for Child Protection and Family Support (WA)

The WA Department for Child Protection and Family Support administers funding for homelessness programs in the State.  The DCPFS website contains information on homelessness, links to DCPFS funded services, and a service directory. 

Department of Housing (WA)

The WA Department of Housing is a major provider of affordable land and housing in Western Australia.  Its website provides information for tenants, prospective tenants, developers, and the general public on housing options and opportunities.

Housing Industry Forecasting Group

The Housing Industry Forecasting Group (HIFG) s a joint industry and government body established to provide independent commentary on the housing sector in WA.  The Department of Planning and the Department of Housing jointly provide the HIFG secretariat and research function.


HousingWORKS is published by the Australasian Housing Institute.  It is the premier journal on social housing matters in Australia and New Zealand.  It provides relevant and topical information to those working in the social housing sector - in the government, community and academic sectors.

Institute of Child Protection Studies,_institutes_and_centres/centres/institute_of_child_protection_studies

The Institute of Child Protection Studies at the Australian Catholic University was established in 2005 to carry out high quality research, evaluation and professional development to enhance outcomes for children, young people and families.


Parity magazine is Council to Homeless Persons’ (CHP) national publication, examining homelessness from personal, local, social, national and global perspectives.  Each edition of Parity is devoted to the examination and discussion of a specific theme or set of issues connected to homelessness.