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WA Housing Hub Terms & Conditions

The WA Housing Hub is an innovative online platform for the WA housing sector designed to foster information sharing, generate discussion and promote collaboration and partnerships throughout the housing community. The WA Housing Hub also includes an online directory of housing and homeless services and supports across WA to assist housing consumers, and housing practitioners.

The WA Housing Hub is administered by Shelter WA, WA’s social and affordable housing peak body, committed to accessible, affordable, appropriate and secure housing in Western Australia.

If you have any suggestions for improvements to the WA Housing Hub, please contact Shelter WA at


1.Aim of the Terms of Use

The WA Housing Hub is an online platform for the WA housing community to access information on housing policy issues, current research, up to date sector news and a directory of housing and homelessness service and/or support providers. Through the WA Housing Hub, this information is readily accessible to the general public.

The WA Housing Hub also offers a platform for stakeholders to engage, discuss and collaborate through the discussion forums. While most forums are public, you are required to register with the WA Housing Hub to participate in the discussion forums. Registered Users are also encouraged to start their own public discussions and can also commence restricted forums, with control over access to these groups, as required.

To ensure appropriate and reasonable use of the WA Housing Hub, Shelter WA requires all users of the WA Housing Hub to review and abide by the Terms of Use. By continuing to use and engage with the WA Housing Hub, you agree to be bound by the terms outlined below and any additional terms outlined within the specific service you access.

Please check this page regularly so you are aware of any updates to the terms.


2. Registration

To gain access to the platform’s full functionality, stakeholders are required to register on the WA Housing Hub, by completing a registration form, and providing detailed contact information.  However, for security purposes, only the first name, surname initial and email address will display publicly.  In some circumstances, organisational details will not be displayed where this may impact on issues of confidentiality or safety to the Registered User.

As administrators of the WA Housing Hub, Shelter WA will consider all registration requests for the WA Housing Hub. Shelter WA reserves the right to undertake additional activities to confirm the identity of potential Registered Users, prior to processing the registration request.

If Registered Users wish to cancel their registration at any time, they can contact Shelter WA at the WA Housing Hub at


3. Creating and Sharing Content

All Registered Users are encouraged to engage and participate in discussion forums through the WA Housing Hub, by initiating their own content, sharing pre-existing content or commenting on an existing post.

All Registered Users are responsible for all content they initiate, share or any comments they post on the site.  This responsibility extends to securing relevant copyright or permissions prior to using or uploading it to the WA Housing Hub. Shelter WA is not liable for any infringements made by Registered Users on the WA Housing Hub. 

NOTE: Users are not permitted to upload any video content, or any other content exceeding 10MB per file to the WA Housing Hub. If you wish to share content such as this, please contact to discuss further.

Shelter WA reserves the right to use the information and intelligence provided in the discussion forums to inform our advocacy agenda and policy development and advice.


4. Appropriateness

The WA Housing Hub is designed to be an open and accessible online platform for representatives and consumers of the WA housing sector to engage and collaborate in a meaningful way, based on principles of appropriateness and mutual respect.

When accessing the platform, all Registered Users are expected to communicate in an appropriate, respectful and reasonable manner when engaging with fellow Registered Users and when creating, sharing or commenting on other content within the WA Housing Hub.


5. Inappropriate Behaviour

Shelter WA, as the administrator of the WA Housing Hub, reserves the right to ban and exclude Registered Users from the site in cases where communication is considered inappropriate or unreasonable.

For example, Shelter WA will cancel registration for Registered Users whose comments are:

  • defamatory, or otherwise unlawful or which violate laws regarding harassment, discrimination, racial vilification, privacy or contempt;
  • intentionally false or misleading;
  • an infringement of intellectual property rights including copyright;
  • abusive, offensive or obscene;
  • inappropriate, off topic, repetitive or vexatious. For example Shelter WA reserves the right to reject contributions that have been widely canvassed in the forum;
  • compromising of the privacy of any person or which contain inappropriate personal information;
  • seeking to endorse commercial products or services that do not have direct relevance to the community services sector;
  • a deliberate provocation of other community members; or
  • impersonating someone else and/or posting on behalf of a suspended member.

The Shelter WA Team will continue to monitor the website and will be accessible for direct assistance via the online chat function.

In addition, if Registered Users are aware of examples of inappropriate and unreasonable behaviour, they are encouraged to notify Shelter WA at or by notifying the Shelter WA team via the Green chat button located at the bottom of each page.


6. Complaints

Any person or organisation using Shelter WA services or engaging with the WA Housing Hub has the right to complain. 

If you have a complaint you are encouraged to contact the Shelter WA Executive Officer at

Please note all complaints will be dealt with in a timely manner and Shelter WA will treat all complaints confidentially and without impacting the person’s right to use Shelter WA services.

For more information, Shelter WA’s External Complaints Policy is available here.


7. Privacy

Upon registration, Shelter WA will collect Registered Users’ personal information to provide them access to the platform’s full functionality, in particular the WA Housing Hub discussion forums.

When registering on the WA Housing Hub, Registered Users will be required to complete an online registration form outlining their specific areas of interest. This information will be used for the sole purpose of creating tailored User Profiles. This information will not be provided to any third party, however may be accessible by technical service providers contracted by Shelter WA to manage the website.

Registered Users will also be able to initiate their own discussion topics in any existing forum. If the topic is sensitive, access will be restricted as per forum convenor requirements, managed by Shelter WA. For example, when discussing domestic or family violence issues or issues specific to women’s refuges, Shelter WA staff and the forum convenor will manage access to restricted discussion forums. Other Register Users may have access to restricted discussion forums once approved by the forum convenor.

Further information is available in the Shelter WA Privacy Policy.


8. Disclaimers

Shelter WA does not warrant the accuracy, adequacy, reliability or comprehensiveness of information provided on the WA Housing Hub website. The material on this website could include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors and Shelter WA may make changes or update the website at any time.

Shelter WA, as the administrator of the WA Housing Hub, does not endorse or accept liability for content provided or shared through the discussion forums on the WA Housing Hub website.

To discuss these Terms and Conditions or any other of Shelter WA’s policies further, please contact the Shelter WA Team at