Shelter WA welcomes new Board member Catherine Spini

Catherine Spini is a welcome addition to Shelter WA’s Board, bringing a range of skills and expertise from a diverse cross-sectoral career spanning more than 30 years.

Ms Spini said growth, stability and influence will be critical during the next 12 months for Shelter WA.

“I believe my passion, drive and experience will assist Shelter WA navigate the current policy and funding uncertainty, and help it grow as a reputable, influential and sustainable peak body,” she said.

The Centrecare employee explained that she sees Shelter WA moving forward by being able to: implement a growth in membership, attract long-term government funding, stabilise organisational operations, and achieve social political and economic influence that drives policy and prioritises housing, accommodation and homelessness.  

Ms Spini said she intends to build on the work of the current Board and previous Boards that have understood the changing nature of the housing and accommodation space.

Despite the challenge of ending homelessness and ensuring there are more affordable homes, Ms Spini is optimistic.

“Past actions tell us that we can solve the housing issue, reduce homelessness and those co-occurring issues that impact on housing and homelessness,” Ms Spini explained.

“I am optimistic because of the expertise I see and hear every day in this space.

“When government says they want innovative solutions to housing, the sector comes up with innovative solutions.

“The sector holds the answers, but needs a cohesive, collaborative voice that can influence government to ‘sit up, take notice and act’.”

Ms Spini said she looks forward to working with the Board to help develop a future vision, through the Strategic Planning process, and seeing the implementation of that plan during the next few years.

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