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Broome North

Location: Waranyjarri Estate, Broome.

Completed: August 2013

Number and type of affordable/social housing dwellings: 30 houses located in three separate lots.  20 x two bedrooms and 10x one bedroom.


Area of housing continuum: Social housing and affordable housing for key service workers.

Client group served: Social housing clients as well as individuals on low incomes in Broome.

Project value: $11.21 mil inclusive of land.

How it was delivered: The Broome North homes were built in partnership with LandCorp (Estate Developer)and Foundation Housing

Funding: Foundation Housing

How affordability is ensured long term: Some properties within the development have attracted NRAS funding. All homes feature a wide range of low maintenance passive thermal design appropriate for the Kimberly environment.

Other information:

Awards: 2014 Master Builders Award


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