67 Bennett Street, East Perth

Location: 67 Bennett Street, East Perth

Completed: August 2016

Number and type of affordable and/or social housing dwellings:

70 in total. Comprising 17 one-bedroom apartments and 52 studio apartments and one caretaker unit.

Images courtesy of JCY Architects and Urban Designers. Photography by Rob Ramsay

Area of housing continuum: Long term accommodation for low income singles and couples and low income individuals who earn above social housing limits.

Client group served: Singles and couples on low incomes.

Project value: $26million

How it was delivered: 67 Bennett St, was previously the site of an old style 21 bed lodging house owned by Foundation Housing.

Foundation Housing funded the development, with a $1.7m contribution from the WA Housing Authority.   The 70 units were a significant part of the organisation’s commitment to deliver 112 new affordable units of accommodation following the stock transfer that occurred through the Community Housing Agreement with the Western Australian Department of Housing.

Funding: Funding was provided by Foundation Housing with a $1.7m contribution from the WA Housing Authority.

How affordability is ensured long term: Bennett Street has been designed with sustainability in mind.  Sophisticated design features have been incorporated into the building to minimise utility costs for residences and maintenance costs for Foundation Housing.  Its position in the inner city, close to transport, education, training and employment opportunities and services such as healthcare, all contribute to a better standard of living for tenants.

Link: http://jcy.net/project/bennett-street/

If you know of any affordable housing projects that you would like showcased, please contact: Karen Valenti at media1@shelterwa.org.au  

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