2802 Pico Housing, Santa Monica

Name: 2802 Pico Housing

Location: Santa Monica, California

Completed: 2013

Number and type of affordable/social housing dwellings: The four-storey mixed-use development provides 33 affordable housing units offering ten three-bedroom and 23 two-bedroom rental units at 25 to 30 percent below market rate, in addition to a retail space, laundry facilitates, a community centre, and a children’s play area.

Area of housing continuum: Community housing

Client group served: Mixed income, including low to moderate income earners

Project value: $12.5 million / 42,263 ft2

How it was delivered: The Community Corporation of Santa Monica commissioned Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners to design a vibrant, pedestrian friendly and 100% affordable mixed-use development located on a mixed commercial and residential zone located close to the Santa Monica College campus and the ocean. The site initially featured old tanks dating back to the former gas station located onsite which required remediation. The applicability of the two zoning districts, upon which the site overlaps, presented challenges in terms of different planning requirements such as building heights, parking, density and setback requirements. To address this, the development heights are staggered, one L-shaped wing is three stories high while the other reaches four storeys. Recessed windows also provide a buffer against the traffic noise on Pico Boulevard.

Funding: The project was made possible through a mix of private and public funding through the nonprofit Community Corporation of Santa Monica.

How affordability is ensured long term: The housing is managed by the Community Corporation of Santa Monica, a not-for-profit housing provider for low to moderate income earners in Santa Monica.

Other information: The development features sustainable elements including natural ventilation and lighting facilitated by the central courtyard and stepped volumes, and rainwater harvesting for use within the compound. Black water is also treated onsite. 

Links: http://inhabitat.com/pico-housing-is-a-community-oriented-affordable-housing-development-in-santa-monica/



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