Kensington Estate Redevelopment, Melbourne

Location: Kensington, Victoria

Completed: 2012

Number and type of affordable and/or social housing dwellings: Over 200 new public homes, 220 renovated public homes, 490 new private homes and 15 social housing properties.

Area of the housing continuum: Integrated public, social and affordable home ownership for low income households.

Client group served: singles, families, low and moderate income earners.

Project partners: The Kensington redevelopment is a collaborative endeavour between the Department of Human Services (DHS), a not for profit property management and urban renewal company Urban Communities Limited (UCL), property developer Becton, tenants and the Kensington local community.

Project value: $150 million

How it was delivered: The Kensington Estate Redevelopment project transformed an ageing 1960s public housing estate into a mixed community of public, social and private housing with a unique approach to community development.

The project set a benchmark for mixed developments of public and private housing and resulted in:

  • new public housing integrated with private housing,
  • the site being re-integrated into the local Kensington area,
  • newly landscaped open space, recreation areas and a children’s playground,
  • homes in the high-rise towers being upgraded.

A holistic approach to community has been taken at Kensington with:

  • a Community Liaison Committee in place during the redevelopment to involve the local community, and
  • community building activities for residents focusing on skills and employment.

Funding: Work on the redevelopment took place over 10 stages between 2002 and 2011 at a cost of $150 million. The Victorian Government contributed $47 million, with the remainder coming from the private sector.

How affordability is ensured long term: Urban Communities Limited manages public housing on behalf of the Department of Human Services on the Kensington Estate Redevelopment.  

Other information: Urban Communities Limited also has responsibility for community development across the estate and have channelled more than $2 million into:

  • training and employment grants into the local Kensington community, and
  • creating training, jobs and work experience placements for over 80 public housing residents.


Kensington Estate Redevelopment Social Impact Study

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