Constance Street, Brisbane

Location: Constance Street, Fortitude Valley

Year: December 2010

Number and type of affordable and/or social housing dwellings: The housing consists of 79 units: 24 one-bedroom apartments (45 square metres) and 55 studios (25 square metres). Two apartments are fully accessible and one apartment is reserved for Brisbane Housing Company’s (BHC) caretaker.  There is also a housing office.

Area of housing continuum: Social housing and affordable housing.

Client group served: 85% of clients are from the public housing wait list and 15% very low income from homeless hostels.

Construction cost per dwelling & price sold to market (if applicable): Average unit cost of delivery for BHC housing compare well with the market with initial costs around $130,000 per unit, and cost going forward indicate a price point of $170,000 per unit.

How it was delivered: Public company structure enables BHC to harness the resources of organisations and individuals (eg. community shareholders and directors. The commercial approach combined with operational focus achieves results. 

How is affordability ensured long term: Run by Brisbane Housing Company, with all dwellings rented at 74.9% of market rent. The not-for-profit model locks in assets for long term community benefit.

Awards: National Award for Multiple Housing, National Architecture Awards 2013, National Commendation for Sustainable Architecture, National Architecture Awards 2013, and shortlisted at the 2014 World Architecture Festival Awards.


Other information: Over 30% of tenants have said that they have taken paid employment since commencing a BHC tenancy. BHC continually provides effor to find ways of undertaking joint ventures and harnessing private finance. BHC run a group structure with three non-charitable subsidiaries (one service and two which are asset owning) to enable BHC to remain charitable, while also enabling cost market sale of properties.

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