Ashwood-Chadstone Gateway Project, Melbourne

Developer: Port Phillip Housing Association.

Location: Ashwood-Chadstone, Victoria

Completion: August 2013

Number and type of affordable/social housing dwellings: The development is an urban renewal project of 282 units over 4 buildings and 9 townhouses. 72 units were sold to private owners and 201 units and the townhouses were retained by PPHA for community housing. The retained community housing comprises 148 one bedroom apartments, 52 two bedroom apartments, 1 three bedroom apartment, 7 three bedroom townhouses and 2 four bedroom townhouses.

One building of 93 units is allocated to older persons 55 years and over and has capability for tenants to age in place with lift access, stepless bathrooms, modifiable features and the ability to establish on-site support. Across the whole project there are a total of 75 one and two bedroom apartments that are disability modified or adaptable in the future.

Area of housing continuum: Social housing; singles; family; aged housing.

Program partners: Reshape Development; Victorian Government; Australian Government

Project value: $140 million

How was it delivered: Private ownership underpinned the financial viability, with 71 units sold to private owners at market price. The Victorian Government provided $70 million for the project, with a matching contribution from the PPHA. This project is the largest of its kind in Victoria.

How affordability is ensured long term: Community Housing Provider manages tenancies within development.

Awards: Powerhousing Australia – National Award for Leadership and Innovation 2014; Finalist in the Property Australia Awards 2014 in the category of Best Residential Development 2014