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  • Government Fails Homeless Youth

Government Fails Homeless Youth 

The recent National Report Card on Youth Homelessness in Australia (the Report Card) shows that little progress has been made in a decade.

Released at the National Youth Homelessness Conference the Report Card assesses Australia’s progress since the 2008 release of Australia's homeless youth: a report of the National Youth Commission into youth homelessness. The Report provided The Roadmap for Youth Homelessness which highlighted 10 ‘must do’ strategic areas for action and stated that “Implementing the core 10 points of the Roadmap would change the face of youth homelessness in Australia.”


However, ten years later little progress has been made. The Report Card states that while there have been some positive initiatives and advances there has also been whole areas of neglect and under-achievement. This includes:

  • unfulfilled and partially delivered promises to invest in early intervention;
  • under investment in implementing secure system of leaving care support;
  • failing to address the needs of young people into housing strategies plans for increasing supply of social; and
  • a lack of affordable housing and a lack of a co-ordinated national strategy.

With a significant increase in the number of young people seeking help from homelessness services, and services unable to meet current demand Michelle Mackenzie, CEO of Shelter WA said that greater investment into youth homelessness services must be a priority. -

“As a society we should be ashamed of these findings. It is unacceptable that in this day and age young people are homeless. It is time to invest in our future.”  

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