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Community Housing Study

Next month Shelter WA will host a forum, in partnership with other peaks, to enable the sector to be briefed and to facilitate collective input into the Department of Communities, Community Housing Study.

The study's aim is to:

  • achieve clarity on outcomes achieved, inform potential performance benchmarks to be applied to public and community housing delivery, and better inform future investment decisions
  • identify the contribution of the community housing sector to the social housing system in terms of tenant, asset and financial outcomes
  • provide recommendations on how State Government and the community housing sector can work better together, and achieve better outcomes for the Western Australian community; and
  • guide the future development of a State Government housing strategy

Consultation is proceeding in two stages.

Stage One, which should be completed by the end of April, is being conducted independently by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

This stage involves confidential interviews with a selection of community housing providers, peak bodies and external experts. PwC will provide Communities with a de-identified, thematic summary of Stage One consultation

Stage Two involves the de-identified summary of stage one consultation as the basis for consultation with the broader community housing and services sector.

Consultation will include an online survey which Communities hope to launch in May

Further information about the study is available on the Department of Communities website: or by contacting the Community Housing team at Communities on email 


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