Containers for Change



Containers for Change WA provides an opportunity for community groups to raise much needed funds. This workshop is for the community sector and especially targeted for homelessness, disability and employment service providers. The information session is on Thursday October 17 from 9:00am - 11:30am at 191 St Georges Terrace.

What is it?

Western Australia is the fifth state or territory to adopt a container deposit scheme, following the lead of South Australia, Northern Territory, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and most recently, Queensland. A 10-cent refund will be given for each eligible container provided to a refund point, encouraging recycling.

How can my group/organisation benefit?

One of the objectives is to  provide employment opportunities for people with a lived experience of homelessness, a disability or have faced long term unemployment – whilst supporting community organisations through donations. Individuals can choose to donate to a charity, community group or not-for-profit organisation such as yours.

OK - But how does it work?

Physically collect containers - Collect containers at your location, or at special events. You then return these containers to your local Refund Point for 10-cent refunds per eligible container. These refunds are deposited into your organisation’s bank account electronically, via a Scheme ID.

Virtual donations - Donate to your organisation from anywhere in the state simply by using your scheme ID. People can nominate your Scheme ID when returning containers, and your organisation will receive their donation as an electronic bank transfer.

Become a ‘Refund Point’ – If your charity or organisation is willing and able, you can apply to become a commercial operator of one of the 220 container Refund Points.

Interesting - I want to learn more

The information session is on Thursday October 17 from 9:00am - 11:30am at 191 St Georges Terrace. You do need to register.


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