Indigenous Housing and Health

Shelter WA, in partnership with National Shelter and the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing Authority, have appointed PwC's Indigenous Consulting Pty Limited to review housing policy and programs over the last twenty-five years and their intersection with health policy, and to recommend housing policy solutions that will deliver better health outcomes for Indigenous people. 

The Project and Project Deliverables

  • A review and analysis on the health and housing continuum in reference to:
  • Indigenous housing costs;
  • Availability, affordability and suitability across Australia;
  • Access a range of Commonwealth, State and territory and other housing initiatives; and
  • Information on policy changes required to reform the current housing asset base/housing estate.


The Indigenous Housing and Health report is led by:

KERRY ARABENA, Chair of the Victorian Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Strategy Steering Committee.

A descendant of the Meriam people of the Torres Strait, Kerry Arabena's work has brought her to the forefront of Indigenous affairs in Australia. A former social worker with a Doctorate in Human Ecology, Kerry is the Chair of Indigenous Health and Director of Onemda VicHealth Koori Health Unit at the University of Melbourne.

Prior to taking up this position in January 2013, she was Director of Indigenous Health Research at Monash University. With an extensive background in public health, administration, community development and research, Kerry is also Chair of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Equality Council and a Director of Indigenous Community Volunteers. Kerry provides supervisory support in Social Work, Community Sector, Remote Area, Public Health and Policy, Sexual Health, EcoHealth, and Environmental Health.

Kerry was the inaugural Chair of the National Congress of Australia's First Peoples, an Australian of the Year Finalist in 2010 and recipient of the prestigious JG Crawford Prize for Academic Excellence at the Australian National University in 2011.

SHANE HAMILTON, former CEO NSW Aboriginal Housing Office.

Shane is a Wakka Wakka man whose family has links to the South Burnett region of Queensland. He is inspired by his grandparents who saw that a stable home and a good education were key to achieving in life.

His career has taken him right across Australia working in the Government, private and not-for-profit sectors in senior management roles. Shane was an integral member of the working party that established the successful model for Derby Regional Prison, playing a key consultative role across WA and drawing on his experience as a prisons operations manager. Shane delivered the national building stimulus program in WA, developing additional public housing across the state following his roles of Executive Director of the Aboriginal Housing and General Manager Service Delivery.

In his dual role as WA and SA State Manager of Community Housing Limited, a global community housing provider, Shane responded to the challenge of developing and delivering housing options in partnership with the private sector and Government, particularly for programs with integrated wrap-around services. Under Shane’s leadership his organisation managed the award-winning East Kimberley Transitional Housing Program.

Shane is currently State Director, NSW and ACT, PwC's Indigenous Consulting.

For a comprehensive look at this review of 25 years of health and housing policy click here.




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