Indigo Junction Evaluation Report on Midland Connections Week data

Indigo Junction has released its Evaluation Report on the Midland Connections Week data collected in May.

Connection Week commonly known as Registry Week was brought to Midland by Indigo Junction with the support of Ruah Community Services.

The report has helped build a profile of the picture of homelessness in Midland by exploring the themes of health, justice, risk and vulnerability. The report also compares the profile of homelessness in Midland, to Registry Week data from Perth and Fremantle.

The report highlighted some important points


  • The high number of families that took part in the Midland survey compared to Perth and Fremantle. 
  • The importance of an ongoing connection with family and friends whilst experiencing homelessness.
  • The clear differences in the experiences of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal homeless people in Midland.
  • The longer people are homeless, the less they cycle through housing back into homelessness and become chronically rough sleeping
  • On average the individuals participating in Midland Connections Week had been housed and become homeless again 5.5 times.
  • Most people experiencing homelessness In Midland are stating with family or friends, followed by sleeping on the streets


A large proportion of the Midland Connections Week participants were highly vulnerable, with many experiencing co and tri-morbidities, across their physical health, mental health, and around alcohol and other drugs. Experiences of trauma were also extremely high, in addition to the exposures to risks and traumatic activities while living without a home. These impacts become more acute as people in Midland cycle in and out of homelessness and experience homelessness for many years.

In helping to mend and end these experiences, having a safe, stable place to call home was identified as the fundamental means to keep people safe and well.


Read the full report here

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