Landgate Data Lease

Western Australia’s Land Information Authority, Landgate is now partially commercialised with the appointment of a consortium to deliver the State’s automated titling services. 

Under a 40-year lease arrangement Land Services WA will run the title service, called Advara, as well as Landgate’s property search function. Landgate will continue to operate as a statutory authority and remain responsible for manual titling transaction processing, property valuations and location information.

Also Landgate offers free property statistics on median house price movements, the amount of new lots created and a count of new subdivisions. Shelter WA expects that the access to this data remain free.

The commercialisation of Landgate’s titling service fees will be capped in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

WA will receive $1.41 billion in upfront proceeds which will fund redress payouts for victims of historic sexual abuse. The consortium includes a Macquarie Bank infrastructure fund and Australian industry superannuation funds Sunsuper and HESTA.

With a critical need for more affordable housing, Shelter WA calls on the government to also utilise funds towards more social housing supply.

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