Indigenous Housing and Health Project


The National First People’s Housing Authority, National Shelter and Shelter WA are working together to review the intersection between health and housing policy over the last 25 years in Australia.

Our aim is to create an innovation agenda to enhance the health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through housing.

PwC Indigenous Consulting has been engaged to undertake this significant piece of work. This project is being led by the combined skills of Professor Kerry Arabena, current Independent Chair of the Victorian Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Strategy Steering Committee and Shane Hamilton, former CEO NSW Aboriginal Housing Office and Project Lead in PwC Indigenous Consulting. Together Kerry and Shane have over 30 years’ experience and commitment to Indigenous health and housing.

Key industry partners, thought leaders and community stakeholders will be engaged to craft the solutions needed to address poor health outcomes linked to poor housing. The project team, along with PWC Indigenous Consulting, will provide further information on how interested organisations and individuals can have input into this project.

We look forward to progressing with you the policy options required to deliver better health outcomes through a housing agenda. The project partners would like to thank the Federal Department of Health for supporting this work.

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