Planning Reform Action Plan

Minister Saffioti’s Action Plan for planning reform and Draft Precinct Design Policy Launched.

At a Planning Institute of Australia breakfast event this week, the Minister for Planning, the Hon Rita Saffioti MLA launched the Government’s response to the summary of submissions received on the Modernising WA’s Planning System Green Paper with a 6 Point Action Plan (details below), as well as launching the Draft Precinct Design Policy.

Hon. Rita Saffioti MLA BBus Minister for Transport; Planning. Photo Credit: Planning Institute of Australia.

The Minister’s Action Plan is crafted under three main themes:

Planning creates great places for people – address impediments to achieving consolidated growth and develop places which are well-connected, provide housing choice and diversity and offer a great quality of life.

Planning is easier to understand and navigate – better-organised planning system that is strategically clear and makes a meaningful contribute to the planning of the future community.

Planning systems are consistent and efficient – establishing new ways of working to simplify the system and reduce timeframes and provide more clarity and certainty for stakeholders.

The Minister has under these themes identified 6 key areas of reform to reduce unnecessary red tape in the planning process. These include:

  1. Fast, automatic approvals for compliant “change of use” applications for commercial properties, town centres and high streets.
  2. Slashing the number of WA planning zones from 1,000 to around 300 to standardise and simplify the planning system.
  3. Pushing for uniform planning policies along transport corridors that span council boundaries.
  4. Overhauling the development assessment plan system to reduce the number of DAPs from nine to three, with around 10 full-time planning experts replacing the current 48-member pool.
  5. Introduce on-site signage requirements for major development applications that include pictures of the proposed new building.
  6. Creation of a free, one-stop online portal where landowners can quickly and easily find every planning policy that applies to their property.

The planning system has a critical role in facilitating social and affordable housing supply. Shelter WA will continue to work with government to advocate for inclusionary zoning mechanisms within the planning framework with targets for social and affordable housing.

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