Political Engagement

In the last Parliamentary sitting, National Shelter Executive Officer Adrian Pisarski has met with several housing and homelessness Ministers.

Mr Pisarski met new Minister Luke Howarth MP, housing affordability advocate John Alexander MP, new ALP spokesperson for Housing and Homelessness Jason Clare MP while also catching up with Greens spokesperson Senator Mehreen Faruqi.

[L-R] Adrian Pisarski, National Shelter Executive Officer and Luke Howarth MP Assistant Minister for Community Housing, Homelessness and Community Services. 

Issues under discussion included the re-establishment of the parliamentary friends of affordable housing and homelessness, trying to ensure all parties are represented on the group as co-convenors. Solving the affordable housing shortage will require agreements across electoral cycles and National Shelter is convinced this will require multi-party plans. Also under discussion was the government agenda for solving homelessness, reviewing ALP policies and some innovative ways of financing the construction of much needed affordable housing.

John Alexander MP has promoted the idea of funding new affordable housing through value capture of rezoned land opened up by infrastructure projects like fast rail. National Shelter supports the idea of value capture and increasing the range of affordable housing options through the planning system.

Locally, Shelter WA Chief Executive Officer Michelle Mackenzie escorted international guest speaker Bob Jordan the National Director for the Housing First Program in Ireland to a meeting with the Hon. Peter Tinley AM, MLA the WA State Minister for Housing. Shelter WA brought Mr Jordan to Perth during homelessness week.

[L-R] Hon. Peter Tinley AM, MLA Minister for Housing and Bob Jordan National Director for the Housing First Program in Ireland.

With vast knowledge and expertise in the utilisation and implementation of a Housing First model Mr Jordan has undertaken an enormous amount of work to bring agencies and local authorities together to make housing a reality.



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