Mythbusting Homelessness

Take a group of misunderstood, judged or marginalised people, put them in front of three cameras and then get them to respond to questions submitted online by the public. 

No scripts, no pre-warning of questions and definitely no professional actors, just pure, honest and heartfelt answers.

Participants in the Mythbusting Homelessness Couch Conversation.

Thanks to Lotterywest, Beyond Bank and the Department of Communities don’t miss the screening of our Mythbusting Homelessness Couch Conversation from 7:00pm this Thursday 8 August through Shelter WA’s Facebook page.

Like our Shelter WA page here.

Homelessness Week | The Western Australian theme for the week is ‘Home, Safe Home’. Click here to learn more about the theme, the upcoming events, the fundraiser and shareable resources to end homelessness.



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