Tax Cut Bill

When parliament returns next week, the first item on the government’s agenda will be the Bill to provide tax cuts in three phases.

Phase one and two provide modest tax cuts to low and middle-income workers with low income workers expecting an immediate tax cut, middle income workers from 2022 and large cuts for high income workers from 2024. National Shelter is concerned about the reasoning for the third tranche of cuts from 2024. 

National Shelter CEO, Adrian Pisarski said: "It seems illogical and unnecessary to promise tax cuts in 2024 now when we face economic headwinds.

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"We would also prefer the money not be spent on tax cuts but be directed toward essential services like social, public and affordable housing and funding the supports required to prevent and assist people experiencing homelessness."

The ALP has voted to deny the third tranche and negotiate the second tranche, while supporting an immediate cut for low income workers.

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