Density Debate

Community attitudes towards density will come under the microscope at the launch of a Property Council of Australia WA report which outlines strategies and actions needed to gain community support for urban density.

Aiming to debunk the myths that have made ‘density’ a dirty word, the report focuses on empowering the public with housing choices that enable shorter commutes and more vibrant communities.

With Western Australia’s population set to more than double in the next 50 years Shelter WA along with the sector and industry groups have been pushing to change the community narrative around housing affordability, diversity and density.

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Boosting well designed and thoughtful density that is aligned with good public transport and services, is critical to delivering the diverse and affordable housing needed by many members in our community.

Shelter WA, brought leaders across the property industry, government, research institutions and the community sector together at a series of industry roundtables earlier this year.

In partnership with Ronnie Duncan, Founder and Non-Executive Director of Meerkats, a company which helps businesses identify their purpose to then align it with their activities, and James Best CEO of Future Plexus, participants were challenged to build on why they need to do something to how, how we can work together to shift the community narrative around housing affordability, diversity and density. Debates about density and intensity are blunt conversations. We need to focus on people and how we can deliver better housing choices for all.

Recent State initiatives such as new strata legislation, the planning reform agenda and METRONET, provide an opportunity for a new debate on creating affordable housing.

“It is great to see the Property Council’s WA Division taking forward the conversation on the diversity and density debate,” said Michelle Mackenzie, CEO of Shelter WA.

“Increasing density is not about building high rise apartments in the suburbs,” she said.

“When well-designed density housing is aligned with the urban fabric it can improve local amenity, benefit local business and communities and leave a positive legacy for future generations.

"As a community we can demand to have better designed, well planned housing choices that makes the most of existing urban infrastructure and is close to transport and employment. We can have higher, focussed density around transport hubs whist retaining the wonderful character of lower density residential areas. The creation of new and affordable housing options for young singles, families and older people is smart. It will contribute to local liveability and vibrancy. It will support local business.

“The WA Government has been proactive in this area by releasing Design WA, a set of guidelines for developers and local government aimed at ensuring apartments are built to a higher standard and with that addressing community concerns around higher density developments and infill throughout Perth.

“We need to shift our thinking about the type of housing that we need across our suburbs. We look forward to this report and how we can continue to work with key partners to reframe the density debate."

Reframing The Density Debate

21 June 2019 | Registration 7:00am | 7:30am - 9:00am

Hyatt Regency Perth.

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