Metronet Update

The State Government announced that the Midland, Bayswater and Forrestfield station precincts will be brought into a redevelopment area known as the METRONET East Redevelopment Area. This is a positive initiative which Shelter WA hopes will maximise development opportunities and provide greater market certainty.

This should lead to the delivery of more affordable and diverse housing in residential and mixed-use developments through policy provisions requiring a range of dwellings types and minimum affordable targets within the redevelopment area.

In terms of implementation, the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) will begin the statutory process to extend the Midland Redevelopment Area to include the immediate areas around the Bayswater and Forrestfield train stations. The Statutory process for Bayswater and Forrestfield will take around 12 months, with Planning Control Areas in place in the interim, administered by the Western Australian Planning Commission, to ensure compatible development complements the infrastructure projects.

  • The State Government's media release can be found here
  • Maps of the proposed redevelopment areas can be found on the METRONET website.

In the last edition of Inside Housing we highlighted the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority’s use of the government’s statutory planning powers (the power to approve developments), through their inclusionary zoning policy.

Inclusionary zoning basically requires a percentage of developments to be affordable housing, as a condition of development approval. MRA uses inclusionary zoning, for example in Central Perth where it requires residential developments to provide 12% of the dwellings as affordable housing. The establishment of the METRONET East Redevelopment Area provides an opportunity for inclusionary zoning across METRONET developments. This story highlighted the MRA’s research of a model of affordable ownership housing, through a new Home Of Your Own (HOYO) product that gives people a stable place to live that they can own at a submarket price. More information on this here.

Shelter WA will continue to work through our membership of the METRONET Private Sector Reference Group to advocate to increase more diverse affordable and social housing, with a key focus of harnessing the strengths of the community housing sector to increase more social and affordable housing supply.




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