Homelessness Services 

Shelter WA is working closely with WACOSS and CEWA on the options regarding the extension of existing homelessness services contracts beyond 30 June for a further 12 months. 

We understand the implication of an extension, with no additional funding or calibration of service outcomes, will be dire for a number of services. We strongly encourage services to actively advocate with their contract managers on the critical need for sustainable funding in the short term, or for a contract variation that will enable services to be sustainable within the funding envelope. 

We would welcome feedback on issues that may arise regarding these negotiations. 

Due to strong advocacy over a number of years, led by CEWA and WACOSS, on the impact of the Social and Community Services Award wage increases applied through the Equal Remuneration Order (the ERO) on the sustainability of services, Minister McGurk, has advised that $1.9M of new money will be allocated to 24/7 NAHA funded homelessness providers – 61 providers in total.

Funding is expected to be allocated prior to 30 June and will be provided to contract variations and extensions for the 2019-20 financial year. Services who will receive this supplementary payment have been advised. Minister McGurk advised that this supplementary funding will support the continued delivery of services while the Department of Communities (Communities) finalises the two strategies; the 10 Year Strategy for Reducing Family and Domestic Violence and the 10-Year Strategy on Homelessness.

Whilst this is a good outcome for these services, questions remain as to why other services haven’t been similarly funded.

Shelter WA would welcome your advice on the impact of unfunded contract extensions on your service and will continue to work in partnership with CEWA and WACOSS to advocate for sustainable funding levels for homelessness service providers.

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