Indigenous Housing and Health Project

In partnership with the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples and National Shelter, Shelter WA is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from Indigenous people, Indigenous Organisations or a consortia to review housing policy and programs over the last twenty-five years and their intersection to health policy, and to recommend housing policy solutions to deliver better health outcomes for Indigenous people. The final report from this review, whilst it will be academically rigorous, will be written for a broader audience with an interest in Indigenous housing.

Picture Source: Australian National Audit Office/Indigenous Australians’ Health Program here.

A condition of awarding this project is that it is culturally informed and led by an Indigenous person.

The total budget for this component of the work is $192,500.

This budget includes all aspects of the project such as project administration and management, stakeholder engagement, project research, and writing and production of the final product. It also includes all travel components of this project.

The closing date for the EOI is 1 May 2019. This project is supported by the Federal Department of Health through the Indigenous Australians’ Health Program.

EOI_Indigenous_Housing_and_Health_Project_February_2019_FINAL - Copy.pdf

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