ABCB Accessible Housing Options

Shelter WA is pleased to see that the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has captured the following issues, which we highlighted in our submission to their Accessible Housing Options Paper: 

• The perception of the term ‘accessible’, and the connotation that it is only beneficial for people with disabilities. 
• The importance of accessible housing for renters and the lack of opportunities and possibilities to modify a rented dwelling in order to make it accessible. This is of particular importance in the upcoming review of the Residential Tenancies Act and is supporting Shelter WA’s work through the Make Renting Fair Campaign.
• The importance of understanding the societal benefits, such as ageing in place, of accessible housing in the Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS).


The ABCB in September 2018 released the Accessible Housing Options Paper for consultation, intending to provide a preliminary range of options and costings on the potential inclusion of minimum accessible standards for housing in the National Constructions Code.

The ABCB has now publicly released an Accessible Housing Options Paper Consultation Report that includes stakeholder input to further improve awareness and understanding of the project and its implications.

The next stage is the development of a Regulatory Impact Statement. The RIS will set out viable options based on the stakeholder submissions.

Shelter WA is glad to see that the ABCB has acknowledged a strong community need for accessible housing that will benefit everyone in the long term and will enable all people to thrive in their home and community.

Click on the report cover to read the consultation report. Click here to read Shelter WA's submission.

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