Thrive Tender

The new Thrive program is a Department of Communities initiative delivered in partnership with non-government organisations. Thrive builds on the successes of the Support and Tenant Education Program (STEP), with a stronger focus on early intervention. 

The Department of Communities is pleased to advise that the Thrive Tender Evaluation report has been approved by the Community Services Procurement Review Committee, a major milestone for the project. 

It is anticipated that Preferred Respondents will be contacted in the coming weeks and the negotiation process will commence soon after. 



All Respondents will be contacted following the closing of negotiations and the awarding of contracts.

A three month transition period will precede the Thrive commencement date. This will allow time for closure of the current Support and Tenancy Education Program (STEP) and preparation for the new Thrive program implementation.

Proposed dates for the transition in period and service commencement will be provided to all stakeholders as the Department of Communities works through the above processes.

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