Our Priorities: Sharing Prosperity

The Premier announced Our Priorities: Sharing Prosperity – whole of government targets to deliver better outcomes for all Western Australians. 

Shelter WA is pleased that the government wants to create liveable cities where people can easily connect where they live with where they work and play. To create places where it is easy to access vital services and businesses without relying on a car; to better connect people to their work, their play and their communities they want to increase the number of homes located within 1km of public transport.

The government’s target is that by 2031, the number of homes in the Perth and Peel region in close proximity to a public transport node will increase by 45 per cent. It is critical that this target includes a significant growth in affordable housing and social housing, building on the strengths of the community housing sector to deliver more affordable rental properties, and services where needed to enable people to lead good lives. 

Housing is fundamental to delivering across all the government’s priority areas. Smart investment in housing will contribute to a strong economy, creating employment though the planning and construction phase, and building a skilled workforce for the future through training and development. To have regional prosperity you need people, and people need access to affordable housing across regional WA. Smart investment in energy efficient homes will ensure our sustainable future and working with Aboriginal people and organisations to ensure the right homes in the right locations will contribute to healthy and prosperous lives. Shelter WA is looking forward to the rubber hitting the road with the delivery of new affordable and social homes in partnership with the community sector.

For more information on Our Priorities: Sharing Prosperity please click here.

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