Housing First Edition

Parity Magazine has decided to informally adopt February as the month of Housing First. 

Parity is the Council to Homeless Persons national publication, examining homelessness from personal, local, social and global perspectives.

To acknowledge the importance of Housing First, an approach which relies on quickly moving people into permanent, affordable housing, by-passing long stays in crisis accommodation, the magazine is sharing select articles which are usually reserved for Parity subscribers. 

Read Juha Kaakinen's editorial, 'Housing First Revisited', which poses the question, 'can Housing First be the catalyst that leads to a paradigm change from managing homelessness to ending homelessness?'.

In Western Australia 50 Lives 50 Homes is a successful Housing First collaborative impact model. Ruah is the lead agency of the ‘50 Lives 50 Homes’ campaign, working with organisations across multiple sectors to collaboratively address the ongoing challenges of housing Perth’s most vulnerable rough sleeping homeless population. The 50 Lives project has made massive strides towards ending chronic homelessness in Perth, with the original target to house 50 of the most vulnerable homeless people in Perth met back in June 2017.

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