Short-stay Accomodation

In late 2018, the Economics and Industry Standing Committee was referred an inquiry into short-stay accommodation, with a final report to the Legislative Assembly on 27 June 2019. 

In response to the growing concerns of housing affordability and availability of private rental accommodation, Shelter WA prepared a submission which outlines some of the core issues and a pathway to light touch regulatory reform. 

Our key recommendations include: 

• The inclusion of a requirement for registration of short-stay accommodation listings, to facilitate enforcement and to collect date on the size and breadth of the industry.
• Supplementary localised planning strategies to limit short-stay accommodation and ensure adequate affordable rental supply in areas with a strong short-stay accommodation sector and tourist appeal, to address the concentrated impact in these neighbourhoods.
• The integration of measures to limit commercial-style short-stay accommodation within a broad, integrated housing policy, which acknowledges the fundamentally changing nature of private housing markets and the complex drivers behind these shifts.
• The development of an ongoing research agenda into short-stay accommodation and its impact on housing and urban planning outcomes.

Read the full submission here.

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