Industry Roundtable - Density and Diversity

The challenge had been set. 

Why do we need to shift the narrative around density and diversity to ensure a home for every West Australian? 

Research shows if we want our children to be able to afford to live where they grew up or where they work, teachers, police or people who work in the local shops to live close to where they work, elderly people to stay within their community, people with different housing needs to find a home and the services they need, or to end homelessness, we need a new conversation about well-designed housing diversity and density that provides homes needed by all. 

James Best [L], CEO of Future Plexus engages with participants.

Why and how we shift this narrative was the task for participants at the second industry roundtable hosted by Shelter WA in partnership with Ronnie Duncan, Founder and Non-Executive Director of Meerkats, a company which helps businesses identify their purpose to then align it with their activities, and James Best CEO of Future Plexus.

Participants were challenged to build on why they need to do something to how, how we can work together to shift the community narrative around housing affordability, diversity and density.

Stuart Clark [L-R], Director, Social Housing Policy, Housing Authority; Karyn Lochore, St. Patrick's Community Support Centre.

Shelter WA Chief Executive Officer Michelle Mackenzie found working with the creative minds in the room both inspiring and productive.

“When it comes down to it, we know that we need to shift our thinking so that we plan and build affordable homes that respond to different regions, environments, people’s needs across Western Australia.”

Kathleen Gregory [L-R], Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness, Shelter WA Board Member, Foundation Housing CEO; Rachelle Gill, Assistant Director - Planning & Building at Housing Industry Association (HIA); Andrew Watt - Creating Communities Australia.

The Roundtable provides a forum for representatives from industry bodies, academia, government and the community sector to reflect on the current housing market and, envision a future where everybody has housing that enables them to thrive. Shelter WA looks forward to collective actions to tackle this issue to deliver more diverse housing choice for all.

[L-R] James Best, CEO of Future Plexus; Katie Stubley, Strategic Design Manager, Centre for Social Impact UWA; Ronnie Duncan, Founder and Non-Executive Director of Meerkats; Michelle Mackenzie, CEO Shelter WA; John Gelavis, Master Builders Association of WA (Master Builders) Executive Director.

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