New Planning Scheme for the City of Nedlands – why we care 

Shelter WA welcomes the announcement that the Minister for Planning will sign a new City of Nedlands Planning Scheme. 

This is important as the new scheme will enable more housing choice, ageing in place opportunities and higher residential density around transport corridors and activity centres, whilst restricting density on suburban streets to preserve the suburbs garden and heritage character. 

As Perth's population grows, there is a critical need to provide more housing choice closer to the central business district and existing community infrastructure such as parks, public transport and medical facilities. The new local planning scheme is intended to provide more housing choice to enable people to downsize and to facilitate more homes for prospective residents wanting to be closer to work or university.

Research shows that if we want our children to be able to live in the same area as us, or our local teachers, police or people work in the local shops to be able to afford to live close to where they work, or our elderly parents to be able to stay within their community, we need a range of housing diverse housing options at different price points across our suburbs.

We need to have a new conversation about the benefits of a variety of housing choices that meet the needs of different people at different points of their life and careers. Perth is one of the lowest density and most car dependent cities in the world. Many people are being pushed to the fringe because we don’t have the types of different housing options that people need.

Shelter WA urges the City of Nedlands and State Government to utilise this opportunity to facilitate more diverse, affordable housing supply within the City.

To view the State Government's media release please click here.




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