The work of Shelter WA as the peak body advocating for social and affordable housing and an end to homelessness has been highlighted in an article written by Suzanne Hunt, the WA President of the Architects Institute of Australia. 

In highlighting how the construction industry has a "practical impact on people's lives" in The West Australian newspaper, Ms Hunt noted how she has seen an "increasing number of architects volunteering their services to support community groups through amazing organisations that connect us". 

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"I recently attended a facilitated Shelter WA workshop with a coalition of built environment stakeholders and community groups to discuss innovative policy solutions," Ms Hunt wrote. "We agree increasing housing density is the key to improving housing affordability and enabling increasing numbers of people to enjoy the benefits of secure housing but there is a need to reframe outdated models. The Institute (Western Australian Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects) plans this year to contribute to this important work."

Michelle Mackenzie, CEO of Shelter WA

Ms Hunt also highlighted the work of CoLab, a group which connects engineers and architects with community groups requiring strategic advice, design and construction services, and The Underground Collaborative. The Collaborative created by social entrepreneur Katie Liew, creates employment and housing solutions for the homeless, at-risk and disadvantaged through collaboration with industry, governments, social services and the community. Liew is also on the Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness Project Team.


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