Labor's plan for housing affordability

Snapshot of Federal Labor’s plan for housing affordability 

Shelter WA welcomes the Labor Party’s plan for affordable renting and home ownership in Australia. 

Key elements include: 

  A new National Rental Affordability Scheme 

  • 250,000 newly constructed dwellings over 10 years at a cost of $6.6bn. 
  • 20,000 dwellings in the first 4 years at a cumulative cost of the incentive ($8,500) of $102m. 
  • $8,500 subsidy to institutional investors per annum over 15 years ($127,500). 
  • Rent charged at 20 per cent below market rent. 
  • Properties to be owned or managed by community housing providers. 

Labour’s 8 Point Plan

  1. Reform negative gearing and capital gains tax concessions.
  2. Limit direct borrowing by self-managed superannuation funds.
  3. Facilitate a COAG process to introduce a uniform vacant property tax across all major cities.
  4. Increased foreign investor fees and penalties.
  5. Establish a bond aggregator to increase investment in affordable housing.
  6. Boost homelessness support for vulnerable Australians.
  7. Getting better results from the National Affordable Housing Agreement.
  8. Re-establish the National Housing Supply Council and re-instate a Minister for Housing.

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