ALGA Federal Election Policy

Shelter WA welcomes the Australian Local Government Association's (ALGA) Federal Election policy initiatives calling for the Commonwealth to support local government’s current work in addressing affordable housing and homelessness. 

Under initiative 11 ALGA outlines how a lack of affordable rental properties and affordable home ownership is causing significant social and economic impacts in Australia’s cities and regions. ALGA identifies that; “Homelessness and housing stress can profoundly affect the mental and physical health of individuals and families, as well as impact on their education and employment opportunities and their ability to participate fully in the community.” 

Shelter WA supports the two proposals ALGA makes to the Commonwealth for:
• Reinstating a national governance model to address affordable housing and homelessness, that includes local government; and
• Acknowledging local government’s role in housing with appropriate funding including for innovative partnership models on housing.

Chief Executive Officer of Shelter WA, Michelle Mackenzie said, local government plays a critical role in facilitating diverse, affordable housing supply and ending homelessness across a number of functional areas, including urban planning, community development, local laws, rating policies along with Council’s integrated planning and reporting processes. At a state level the review of the Local Government Act and the planning reform agenda provide an opportunity for positive change.

You can read the ALGA document in full here.

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