Make Renting Fair Campaign

This month through a collaboration between Tenancy WA, Shelter WA, WACOSS, CHIA WA and the Tenants’ Action Group of Western Australia (TAGWA) great minds came together to put some serious thinking around how the upcoming review of the WA Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) can be harnessed to ensure more safe, secure and affordable rental housing for all West Australians.

There has been a strong movement across the East Coast of Australia in response to reviews of State tenancies laws to make renting fair and in 2019, through our collaboration, we seek to do something similar.

The RTA has not been reviewed since it was established in 1987, so now is the time to seek changes that will benefit both tenants and landlords.

Recent reports produced by National Shelter, CHOICE and NATO, the National Association of Tenant Organisations, have shown that renting is becoming more and more, the reality of many Australians in creating their home. However, there are aspects of legislation that needs reform across the country to improve the renting experience for consumers. A link to their latest report, Disrupted, The Consumer Experience of Renting in Australia, can be found here

This year, the BankWest Curtin Economics Centre also released two rental studies which demonstrated that renting is a reality for many older Australians who don’t own their home, those on income support and low incomes and young people, as achieving the Australian dream to home ownership becomes more and more out of reach. This report highlighted how legislative reform will assist renters to have more safe, secure and affordable homes.

With a Federal election looming in 2019 where taxation policy for property investment is front and centre, this coupled with the review of the RTA will present opportunities to make access to affordable renting a more of a reality.

Look out for further information on how we can make renting fair in Western Australia.

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