State Strategy

Work on the development of the 10-Year Strategy on Homelessness is well underway. 

The Strategy is being developed in partnership between government and the community sector through the Supporting Communities Forum Homelessness Working Group. The Working Group is co-chaired by Grahame Searle, Director-General of the Department of Communities, and Debra Zanella, CEO of RUAH Community Services, and includes representatives from the community services sector, local government and key state government agencies. The Working Group has been meeting regularly through the second half of 2018 and has drafted key elements of the Strategy, including the vision statement, principles, focus areas and an outcomes framework. 


The lived experience of people who have experienced homelessness as well as the knowledge of professionals who are working in the homelessness sector are an important source of information for the Strategy and consultation sessions were held throughout regional and metropolitan Western Australia in September and October 2018. Consultations were open to the public and gave an opportunity for local people and organisations to provide input on the best ways to respond to and prevent homelessness in their community. Over 300 people attended the consultation sessions from a range of government agencies, service providers and local governments, and over 20 stories from people with lived experience of homelessness were collected.

For those who were unable to participate in the community consultations held throughout September and October 2018, there is an opportunity to have your say though an online survey. The survey is available on the Department of Communities website and will be open until 14 December 2018:

A Consultation Report will be released in January 2019 summarising the rich and detailed feedback received from across the State. The Department of Communities will also release a Directions Paper in early 2019 that will share key aspects of the Strategy that the Working Group has developed. The Consultation Report and the Directions Paper will both be published on the Department of Communities’ Homelessness Strategy webpage. The Directions Paper will be open for public comment and feedback will be incorporated into the final Strategy, to be delivered in mid-2019.

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