Current homelessness architecture

A number of strategic initiatives are occurring to end homelessness in Western Australia. 

Below is a snapshot of key forums currently operating between government and the community sector. These are an evolving ecosystem of interconnected parts with membership and terms of reference ensuring that there is alignment of activities and outcomes towards a common goal. Some of these forums are time limited, established for a specific purpose by government to deliver a specific outcome, others have longevity established for a broader purpose.

  • WA Alliance to End Homelessness

The WA Alliance to End homelessness is an alliance of agencies from the community sector who have worked over eighteen months with key partners and the community to develop a 10-Year Strategy to End Homelessness in WA. 

The strategy provides a framework and road map to end homelessness based on a whole of society response and a collaborative and coordinated response from government, industry, the community sector and the community strongly grounded in an evidence base. The strategy is informed by the advice of people with lived experience with homelessness. The Alliance was established by a founding group of service providers and work is underway to establish a governance framework to facilitate broader alliance membership.

  • Western Australian Council on Homelessness (WACH)

The WACH is a Ministerial Advisory Council with members appointed by Cabinet. It provides advice to Minister McGurk, Minister for Child Protection; Women’s Interests; Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence; and Community Services on homelessness.

The WACH has a key role within the broader landscape of change. WACH membership reflects an understanding of current initiatives underway including the WA Alliance to End Homelessness and development of the new State based 10-Year Strategy on Homelessness.

WACH is Chaired by Kathleen Gregory, CEO of Foundation Housing. Members include Joanne Burges, WALGA; Louise Giolitto, WACOSS; Anne Moore, Lucy Saw Centre/Women’s Council for Family and Domestic Violence; Ross Wortham, YACWA; Tanya George, Department of Social Services; Dr Amanda Stafford, Royal Perth Hospital; Professor Colleen Hayward ECU; Michelle Mackenzie, Shelter WA; and Helen Nys, Communities.

  • 10-Year Strategy on Homelessness



The development of a whole of government State Homelessness Strategy is being progressed by the Working Group on Homelessness established by the Supporting Communities Forum.

The Supporting Communities Forum, established in recognition that the community services sector is a key government partner in the delivery of services and contributor to economic growth, employment, and community wellbeing, supports implementation of the Government’s Supporting Communities Policy. The Working Group on Homelessness is one of seven working groups established by the Supporting Communities Forum.

Whilst Department of Communities staff are coordinating the development of the strategy, the working group has a key role in the oversight and endorsement of key positions and documents. This working group is co-chaired by Debra Zanella from RUAH Community Services and Grahame Searle from the Department of Communities, both members of the Supporting Communities Forum and who report to the Forum on progress. Members of the working group include Julie Waylen, NDS; Ross Wortham, YACWA; Kathleen Gregory, Foundation Housing; Michelle Mackenzie, Shelter WA; Katie Stubley, Centre for Social Impact UWA; Joanne Burges, WALGA; Martin Smith, Ebenezer Home; Samson Knight, RUAH; John Buchanan, Dept of Health; Scott Hollingworth, Dept of Communities; Jeremy Bruse, Dept of Education; Steven Hill, Department of Finance; Coan Harvey, Treasury.

  • Commissioning Working Group on Homelessness

The Commissioning Working Group on Homelessness is a new working group established by government to work collaboratively with the community sector to contribute to the development of initiatives under the 10-Year Strategy on Homelessness.

It has been established to, amongst other things, provide advice and recommendations across government to inform the strategic outcomes commissioning and procurement of homelessness and family and domestic services including the consideration of innovative solutions and funding models, and engagement with the community sector throughout this process. Members of this working group include Louise Giolitto, WACOSS and Michelle Mackenzie Shelter WA, and senior staff from the Departments of Communities, Finance, Treasury, Training and Workforce Development, Education, Justice, Health and the Mental Health Commission. The group has had one meeting to date.

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