ABCB Submission

Shelter WA is currently finalising a submission to the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) on the Accessible Housing Options Paper and consulted with various organisations in the sector. 

The Options Paper provides a preliminary set of options and cost benefit analyses on the potential introduction and inclusion of a minimum standard for accessible housing enshrined in the National Construction Codes (NCC). 

Shelter WA welcomes the Option Paper and the ongoing consultation as a long needed first step towards the regulation of standards for accessible and adaptable housing. Shelter WA argues that there is an urgency of the review of accessible housing, especially in light of The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) commitment to all new houses being of an agreed Universal Housing Design Standard by 2020.

However, Shelter WA highlights that accessible housing is beneficial for everybody - pregnant women, parents with prams, young children, older people, as well as people with illness or injuries will benefit from accessible housing.

Our home is where we pass on values and traditions, raise our children, provide support to each other and solve everyday problems.

In this respect, everyone has something important to contribute.

Therefore, when discussing and regulating accessible housing we need to ask ourselves the following questions: Who can come? Who can stay? Who does our home exclude today?

You can read the Accessible Housing Options Paper here.

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