Strata Laws

The State Government’s Strata Titles Amendment Bill 2018 (STA Bill) passed through Parliament on 1 November 2018 and the Community Titles Bill 2018 should be passed next week. 

This reform will improve the way WA strata schemes are developed and managed, and along with the Community Titles legislation will facilitate the development of new and innovative housing options and greater housing choice. 

The introduction of community schemes will provide new options for subdividing a single parcel of freehold land into multiple community titles scheme. The leasehold schemes, essentially a strata / survey-strata scheme, that can be set up for a fixed term of 20 to 99 years will give freehold land owners an opportunity to develop land which they otherwise wouldn’t or couldn’t develop. This is of particular benefit to organisations such as churches and universities who need to retain ownership of their land and make it available for development. They also offer an alternative form of tenure for retirement villages.

During passage of the STA Bill, the Legislative Council referred Part 12 of the Bill (Termination of schemes) to the Standing Committee on Legislation. Shelter WA provided a submission raising concerns that, even though the potential financial and economic costs of a termination of strata scheme process are covered, little attention is being paid to potential social costs that owners might experience because of this process. Shelter WA was pleased that our issues were referenced by the Standing Committee in its report.

Shelter WA looks forward to a new legislative framework to support the delivery of more diverse, affordable housing choice and facilitates new opportunities for industry, government and the community sector through a more efficient use of land and services.

More information on strata reform can be found here.

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