The Case for a National Housing Strategy

Shelter WA hosted a roundtable with Adrian Pisarski, National Shelter’ Executive Officer, to discuss role of national policy settings on affordable housing and housing affordability, and to make the case for a national housing strategy.

“Co-ordinating and linking the policies, legislation and resources that impact on housing affordability across Commonwealth agencies, and in partnership with State and Territory and Local Governments, towards a common goal is critical for all citizens to access the housing that they need,” said Mr Pisarski. “This includes taxation reform, urban and regional development, financing affordable housing, rental reform and a review of income support.”

The National Shelter policy priorities can be accessed in full here and as a summary here.

“These policies priorities are structured  to highlight that housing affordability and affordable housing are critical issues for how well our cities and regions function, for productivity and for enabling social, economic and cultural participation.” said Mr Pisarski. “For too long housing has been neglected and nothing short of a National Housing Strategy is needed.”

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