Shelter WA Submission - Green Paper on Planning Reform

The Minister for Planning commissioned an independent review of the planning system to identify ways to make it more efficient, open and understandable to everyone.

A Green Paper on Planning Reform was released on 25 May. Submissions were invited on the Green Paper, with the feedback received to be used to inform a White Paper which will be provided to Government for consideration.

Shelter WA has long advocated for planning reform to deliver more social and affordable housing supply, and supports the intention and principles behind planning reform.

In listening to our membership base, Shelter WA has heard many frustrations from the community housing sector, community sector, developers, builders and individuals, with the current Western Australian planning system in facilitating social and affordable housing and housing affordability.

Shelter WA is hopeful that these reforms will go some way in addressing these issues.

To read our submission, please go to:


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