Affordable Housing Action Plan unveiled

Keystart is a valuable part of the housing system in WA. We’re fortunate to have an organisation dedicated to delivering responsible lending to households who may not otherwise be able to purchase a home. Keystart is, appropriately, profitable. It follows that of the 7,700 new dwellings highlighted in the Affordable Housing Action Plan, somewhere north of 7,000 (90%) are likely to be a source of modest profit for the State Government.

Over the three years of the Action Plan, over 500 additional social rental dwellings will also be delivered. Shelter WA will seek clarity over the coming weeks as to the proportion of those dwellings that have not been previously announced.

It includes encouraging signs such as:

  • Supporting the role of the community housing sector in diversifying housing options and providing an alternative to public housing
  • Broadening trials of transitional and affordable social rental models
  • Planning reform initiatives
  • Delivering a toolkit to assist local governments to facilitate affordable housing in their area
  • Development of liveable design standards and stock targets
  • Adapting current stock and looking at new housing types to respond to demand
  • Leveraging surplus government land holdings to increase supply
  • A needs based approach to the social housing waitlist
  • Developing an online portal that includes place-based affordable housing information for planners, developers, consumers and decision-makers
  • Integrating housing and support services for people with high or complex needs; and
  • Integrating housing and support responses, starting in the Kimberley.

All things considered, the Affordable Housing Action Plan 2017-18 to 2019-20 is a welcome – although modest – Plan. 

Read the State Government's Media Statement here:

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