Shelter WA CEO Michelle Mackenzie presents at the National Conference of PIA

Shelter WA CEO Michelle Mackenzie recently presented at the National Conference of the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) in Perth, Western Australia.

The presentation 'On delivering housing diversity, through local government housing strategies' touched on the planning levers used by States and Territories to support affordable housing supply, and the ways local government can impact affordable housing outcomes through the planning system.

Effective use of housing strategies will encourage collaboration, through partnerships, with private developers, the community housing sector and government bodies which will deliver tangible benefits for housing consumers. The presentation encompassed several local government affordable housing strategy case studies and how they have co-ordinated activities and shaped local housing outcomes.

These strategies have provided a framework to maintain local data a

ut housing issues and needs. Also they have identified suitable sites for social housing development, or underutilised sites that could be developed into affordable housing. The strategies have also identified strategic sites and zones to facilitate the provision of diverse housing and encouraged the retention and expansion of diversity within housing stock, as required, including housing for seniors, students, lodging houses, housing needed for local industries and housing around public transport. Also, they have identified changes to planning schemes that would provide incentives or remove barriers towards the provision of affordable housing along with the introduction of affordable housing planning provisions into the local planning scheme.

Local government has a critical role to play in planning for housing affordability. For further information about local government housing strategies and how they can be facilitated within your local government area please contact Shelter WA at:

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