Fremantle Alternative given Council approval

Shelter WA is delighted the City of Fremantle has given its final approval to infill housing in suburban areas, called the ‘Freo Alternative - Big Thinking about Small Housing’.

Last month, the Council voted to change the City’s Local Planning Scheme and adopt a new planning policy to stimulate development of a wider choice of housing in Fremantle’s suburban areas while still maintaining what people value about their neighbourhoods.

The proposed planning scheme amendment and policy will now be sent to the Minister for Planning for final determination.

Shelter WA CEO Michelle Mackenzie said the City’s forward thinking aligns with that of Shelter WA’s of providing more diverse and affordable housing choice within Perth’s urban fabric.

“This is a positive example of a local government engaging with the community and utilising the planning system to develop an innovative infill response in line with community expectations,” Ms Mackenzie said.

The Freo alternative will initially apply to selected areas within the City.

It will cap the size of dwellings, built on lots larger than 600sqm, and encourage more green space.

No more than three dwellings would be allowed on blocks 750sqm or less in size.

Under the policy, 70% of the entire development would be allocated to open space, with at least one large tree planted or retained for each dwelling.

Parking would be limited to one bay per house. In addition, developments would be required to have higher than standard energy efficiency ratings and include solar panels, rainwater tanks and grey water systems.

This initiative will be reviewed in four years, Freo Alternative may then be rolled out across further locations.

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