Perth and Peel @ 3.5m Frameworks Released

The State Government has released the Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million land use planning and infrastructure frameworks to accommodate 3.5 million people by 2050.  

The frameworks define the urban form for the next 30 years, limit unsustainable urban sprawl and encourage greater housing diversity to meet changing community needs.

The plans determine where new homes and jobs will be located; make best use of existing and proposed infrastructure; and protect important environmental assets, and set the groundwork for the development of vibrant new communities, particularly around key transport links, including METRONET station precincts and activity centres, within a compact and connected city.

In relation to affordable housing, the frameworks state that there is currently enough undeveloped land, within the existing spatial plan, to accommodate the projected population increases if infill and density targets are met; if Western Australians support greater housing diversity; and if the outcomes detailed in the frameworks are met.

When comparing the current housing stock to people’s financially constrained housing choices and requirements, the frameworks acknowledge an oversupply of detached housing and an under-supply of semi-detached housing.

One effective response to the affordability issue is to develop greater housing diversity across the Perth and Peel regions offering smaller dwellings like townhouses, apartments and ancillary dwellings such as granny flats.  

These frameworks are a long terms strategic guide for the development of Perth and Peel.

State and local government planning bodies will need to review and refine the urban form shown in their planning schemes and strategies, and then maintain the spirit and intent of the frameworks through their planning decisions.

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