Michelle Mackenzie thrilled to be appointed Shelter WA's CEO

Shelter WA’s new Chief Executive Officer Michelle Mackenzie said she is thrilled to be appointed as the CEO of Shelter WA and looks forward to working with board members, staff and the organisation’s members and partners to deliver on Shelter WA's vision that all people in WA have housing that enables them to thrive.

Shelter WA has a key leadership role in bringing together people and organisations to develop a shared vision for an effective housing system, and to develop the solutions and collective responses needed across the housing continuum, Ms Mackenzie said.

“There are several critical issues on the horizon, including funding for housing in remote communities, METRONET and urban planning reform, making rental more secure and ending homelessness,”

“However, I’m optimistic that by working together we can drive housing reform.

“I’m looking forward to building on the strengths of Shelter WA as a leader in housing policy and advocacy, and to strengthening our relationships with members, government, consumers, the community and private sector as well as research institutions to drive change and deliver results.”

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