Apartment living - a change of thinking in Perth, WA

Many Western Australians are transforming the way they want to live, with an increasing number of people opting to live in apartments closer to the city centre, rather than on the urban fringe, Western Australia’s largest apartment developer Finbar has found.

Finbar’s General Manager Project Coordination, Scott Cameron, explained to Shelter WA that the company has witnessed an exciting and dramatic change in the marketplace during the last few years, with the majority of Finbar buyers now owner occupiers – not investors.

These developments include apartments in Palmyra and Maylands.

“These apartments are offering a compelling alternative to a house and land package on the urban fringe,” Mr Cameron said.

“Many of our purchasers do not want to live in the outer suburbs and prefer apartments closer to the city.

“For instance, our Maylands Unison on Tenth development has seen 25 per cent of buyers entering the market for the first time.

There can also be social benefits for people who live in apartments. 

Finbar is a Shelter WA member and supports our organisation because Shelter WA is a thought leader and advocate, Mr Cameron explained.

“With multiple government and not-for-profit agencies having overlapping responsibilities, finding solutions to promoting affordable housing and addressing homelessness is particularly difficult.

“Given the situation, there are no simple answers to these housing issues and all stakeholders need to be engaged in finding cohesive and shared approaches to ensure effective use of the available resources.

“Participating in Homelessness Week last year, that Shelter WA organised, highlighted to me that without clear and strong voices in this space, positive change is unlikely to be achieved.”

Fast Facts

  • Finbar has been a property developer for 23 years
  • Finbar has delivered more than 5000 units across 68 developments with a combined value in excess of $3 billion

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