National Shelter outlines how to achieve best outcomes through NHHA

National Shelter recently made a submission to the Economic Legislation Committee Review of the Provisions of the Treasury Laws Amendment (National Housing and Homelessness Agreement) Bill 2017.

This Bill amends the Federal Financial Relations Act to introduce new funding arrangements for Commonwealth support for housing and to address homelessness. The Bill establishes a funding framework to support improved outcomes a cross the housing spectrum. The Bill also repeals the National Specific Purpose Payment for Housing Services.

National Shelter has outlined how to achieve the best outcomes through the new NHHA in its submission to the Bill. National Shelter's key points were:

  1. The NHHA legislation should include the development of a National Housing Strategy and Plan leading and complemented by State and territory plans;
  2. There should be no triggers to reduce or cease the flow of funds to states;
  3. Funding for homelessness, social and affordable housing should be discretely identified so it may be tracked to ensure no decreases in revenue flows to homelessness services or social and affordable housing;
  4. Funding from the Commonwealth should be increased with the new money used to negotiate any additional outcomes from states;
  5. National Shelter supports the development of bi-laterals which can recognise the different conditions and social housing levels in each state and territory;
  6. The NHHA should include a mechanism to ensure transparency of the cost of the social housing system currently obscured by state budget and systems reporting;
  7. Delay the date for commencement to December 2018.

Read National Shelter's full submission here.

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