Threats to Funding for Remote Housing

In the week before Christmas 2017, there were various media reports, in relation to the Commonwealth discontinuing funding of housing in remote communities  (except for the Northern Territory).  Since then there has been a war of words in the media between the WA Housing Minister, Peter Tinley and the Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion. 

There is nothing in writing presently available to indicate what Minister Scullion is proposing. 

Shelter WA spokesman Stephen Hall said "This appears to be at odds with the recently released report, of the independent review into remote housing, which found that more needs to be done to meet future demand and protect existing housing stock.  It is also in stark contrast to the Turnbull Government's commitment to Closing the Health Gap, as all the evidence in health research shows housing as being one of the key social determinants of good health outcomes."

Shelter WA is currently in discussions with colleagues in other affected States and relevant national bodies and will keep you informed as this unfolds.

The NACCHO Communique gives a good overview of current scenario and debate around the discontinuance of funding for remote housing.

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