Housing solutions for all Australians

Australia's housing system is broken. Speculators are driving prices out of reach for a generation of Australians. There is a shortage of secure, affordable rental.

And more and more people are slipping through the net and ending up homeless. But there are simple things our government can do to fix the broken system and ensure everyone has a place to call home.

A new campaign called Everybody's Home, which comprises a coalition of housing and homelessness peaks as well as providers, has developed a research-based campaign to broaden the public debate about housing and put policy priorities front and centre.

Campaign organisers are seeking financial and advocacy support from community organisations, unions and other allies that see value in recasting the housing debate to focus on the needs of all community members.

For more information about the campaign go to the link: Everybodys Home SUMMARY.pdf

To be part of the campaign contact: everybodyshome@communityhousing.org.au


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